01 December 2007

A blank page of looseleaf

That's what this new blog is...empty and awaiting words. It's taken me hours to align everything the way I want it, and now I find myself without much to say. Oh irony.

So I'll start with a little news report: it's 16 degrees F here. That was kind of abrupt, the shift from gee-a-scarf-might-feel-nice, to o-m-g-my-nostrils-are-stiff-with-frost-helpmehelpme. I'm not exactly ready. I'm also not ready for the Christmas tree-decorating tradition, as our household added two cats last New Year's, neither of whom has ever been in contact with a towering, chewable, ornaments-dangling behemoth. What's more, last year we bought a lovely artificial tree (pre-lit...lordy it's convenient). This will only increase the chewiness factor, as far as Wookiee and Momo are concerned. I suspect the heirloom ornaments will stay boxed this year....

Despite all the above Scroogy-ness, I actually enjoy this season. There's a dreamy quality to December...work stress is temporaily derailed; the nights are darker, velveteen, endless; the cold makes indoors something to treasure--nay, to rush towards; lamps glow with more intense power than usual, staving off the elements. Also, my creativity engine goes into overdrive. Partly that's because I have to deliver multiple handmade Christmas thingies, but mostly it's because winter inspires me to seek color, patterns, textures, and shapes...I guess to make up for the loss of summertime's bounty.

Hence, a new blog. Inspired by tea. Maybe that's a tough metaphor to understand, but for me it resonates mightily. Perhaps with time, it will make more sense to the readership, whomever that turns out to be.

Ah, the wind is roaring outside. The last, brown autumn leaves are getting swirled and swept into the air, glancing against the windows. It was dark at 4:15 pm. It's here.

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