28 November 2010

the season of aloneness

I have a trove of teenage poems exploring my dire emotional winter landscape...it was a time of intense creativity for me, even as it was despairingly lonesome because of home-life factors and the repetitive failure of my h.s. relationships to make it past Thanksgiving. Anyway, unlike some folks who despise their adolescent written voices, I'm an unabashed fan of my own, even as I acknowledge my naivete and creaky language choices....

the season of aloneness

and you,
shed like crisp autumn leaves--
still fragrant, still reminding;
summer wasn't so long ago...
painless, timeless, hopeless,
a curious reminiscence--
full of romance and
our temporary innocence

love, leaves, summer, warmth;
memories guarded
like a brilliant fallen leaf
and our friendship preserved.
gingerly possessed
as we drift into winter
the season of aloneness

NBR 11/30/81

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