11 December 2005

About harmony

This is pretty simple. I watched U2 tonight on DirecTV--a show from the Vertigo tour--and realized with a jolt that the harmony vocals of Bono and the Edge are exceptional. I knew this all along, but had not processed it until I saw them sing together, the classic sharing-the-mike moment. (This is one band I regret to say I have not managed to see live. Them and Pearl Jam. How's about a double bill in the humble state of Maine, wot?)
When Bono and the Edge are blending and belting it out...it's like victory, right within your grasp. The lyrics almost don't matter--it's what they convey as their voices intertwine.
And I've added U2 to my music profile list, in a moment of profound duh. How could I miss that?? I guess they've just always been there...all the Greyhound trips I took in my teens and 20s with the Walkman headphones blaring Boy and The Unforgettable Fire, highway trees racing by in green blurs. Any song from those records that I hear, I am transported to the sensations of traveling somewhere, urgency, and freedom. Youth.

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